Patama Ramchune

Pata is staying in Bangkok and will code for food and cash

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Programmer life

Pata will code for food and cash. Pata will do playing Animal Crossing, Just dance, Beat Saber, Yoga, work out, diving, pole dancing, drinking, music performancing, going to concert, listen to music, traveling, cooking, baking, hanging out and learning new languages for happiness.

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At Your Service

CMS Specialise

I build website mostly from CMS platform such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla with a reasonable price.


I also do coding for general web programming. PHP, SQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CMS, XSLT, XML, Javascript and whatever you want me to do.

Computer Music

I also perform music, making music from computer or MIDI.
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I love my job(?)

My job is not really about website stuff.
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